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    MFE big files in /var/backup/workdir/




      i found two very big (each more than 3 GB) files in /var/backups/workdir.

      These files causes the firewall to stop working because /var was at 109% disk capacity.


      Does anybody know what these file are for?


      This is an example of such files: (but not so big)


      sfw:Admn {1} % ll /var/backups/workdir/

      total 5696

      -rw-------  1 root  wheel  secureos/CARW:file 4492610 Nov 11  2009 config_backup.f03fzc

      -rw-r--r--  1 root  wheel  secureos/CARW:file 1289035 Nov 11  2009 config_backup.f03fzc.data.xml




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          Those are imcompleted configuration backup files. When firewall creates a configuration backup, it will write those files to /var/backups/workdir/ temporary. Once the configuration backup is completed, those files should be deleted automatically and the configuration back file will be in /var/backups/repository directory. You can delete those.

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