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    Auto-update Failing to work

      We have been running McAfee VirusScan Enterprice 8.5.0i since last year - October 2007. We have a centralised setup with Master -> Distributed -> Clients Setup using ePO Orchestrator 3.6.1. All servers are running Windows 2003 Server and PC are on Win Xp,null few of them on Vista.

      What has just happened is that all DAT files on all machines (master, distributed servers and PCs) are as latest as March 17 2007. Updating PC's manually they go through normal process like:

      Searching available updates for Agent 3.5.5
      Searching available updates
      Product(s) runing the latest DATs
      Update Finished

      Checking the logs on the PC, it shows update successful and yet it is outdated.

      I have a feeling that the master is unable to pull latest update but I am not sure why.

      Any suggestion are welcome.

      Moved from VirusScan 12 - 2008 (home products) to Desktop & Server (Corporate) for better attention - MOD
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          What do the EPO server task logs for the mcafee pull task say?
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            I decided to change Installation of the package. We have renewed the licence and I have downloaded new files.

            I have now installed ePO 4.0. The main problem I have is the limited knowlegde in ePO setup. With this new package immediately after installation I get the window that show that no information is available about master repository and it shows that DAT and Engine are both not present.

            Firstly I need a way of bringing this information up on the Dashboard.

            Secondly under Software --> Source Site I have two entries for naiFTP and naiHTTP. Checking the settings for these using the wizard fails at credentials. Both http and ftp anonymous credential tests fails. I suspect this is the reason why the server is failing to pull the updates.

            Lastly I need to setup UNC site on this server. I cannot see the option where I can specify my own path of repository location as it was the case with ePO 3.x.

            Any advise is welcome...