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    DLP WCF database error message


      Hi all,



      Windows Server 2003 SP2

      ePO 4.5Patch4HF1

      SQL Full STD edition 2005 same box


      I am in the process of installing HDLP9.1 Patch1 on our live environment. I have installed WCF and when running the DLP WCF service test I get a Test Database Connection error message:


      <stringxmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/2003/10/Serialization/">FailureGetTable failed: Invalid object name 'DLP_Score'. atDLPData.Monitor.DataAccess.GetTable(String query, CommandType commandType,SqlParameter[] parameters) at DLPData.Monitor.DataAccess.GetSeverities() atDLPWCFLib.Admin.TestService.TestDBConnection()</string>


      The other tests: Get Database Name, get client user, get named databse user, is user authorized work fine!!!!!


      My testing in the test environment was okay and DLP works fine, the only difference being the version of SQL 2005 in the test env. box. A bit puzzled why it is broken in the live.


      I've logged a call with McAfee just in case, but was wondering whether someone could provide assistance.


      Cheers, rb51


      Feel really stupid:


      I forgot to install the HDLP extensions on ePO and therefore thre were no DLP tables on SQL server (checking my ePO box in the test env. woke me up).


      All sorted!!!


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