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    ** McAfee EMM Push Cert Expiring.  Please Read!**


      Updated McAfee EMM Push Cert now available for download at  http://www/mcafee.com/us/downloads/downloads.aspx.  Use your EMM grant number and navigate to McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management v9.5.5 where you will find EMM_Push_Cert.p12.  Download the certificate and follow the instructions under the documents tab (PushCertificate_README.txt). 


      This certificate is a McAfee owned Apple certificate which allows EMM to communicate with the EMM Agent that resides on Apple devices.  This is a crucial update as your certificate will expire on 8th Sept 2011If not updated by this date,  EMM will cease to operate normally.  The certificate update process will not require action or have any impact on the end user.




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