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    Problem with Safeboot uninstall (no encryption,just boot protection)

      Hi all,


      First of all I will start with few facts:


      -no machine in database (probably deleted)

      -no machine in deleted computers in DB (probably deleted permanently)

      -machine has boot protection enabled

      -during synchronization it finds server, proper group except object -> "object not found" because there is no such machine in DB

      -i need to switch off boot protection to uninstall safeboot

      -no encryption on hdd


      And i'm stuck. I'd appreciate any help in this case. I cant uninstall safeboot because it says "boot protection still enabled" and I cant disable it due to missing object in DB. I also tried adding object with same computer name to DB but this way failed too probably because of hash mismatch between computer and object in DB.


      Any ideas Gentleman? (Ladies too:)

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