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    Mcafee Total Protection arbitrarily deleting emails!!

      So... sometime after June 2011, I noticed that the UI for McAfee Total Protection had changed. No huge problem I thought? Just a cosmetic change to the interface? The features have remained the same?

      Well... It turns out not exactly!!

      The QuickClean function, previously within the optimisation tab (I think?), is now within the new “PC and Home Network Tools”. I have continued to use this facility, with the intention of keeping my machine running optimally.

      However!! It transpires that within this change/upgrade of the UI, the settings of the QuickClean were changed without any notice!

      Within the Email/Outlook section, I have always ticked the deleted items, in order to get rid of junk(not selected within outlook) and NOT the sent items folder, as I keep a record of ALL of my sent items (archived and going back many years).

      Upon checking the settings (as there are approximately 50 registry items that Total Protection cannot clean), I noticed that the deleted items AND NOW THE SENT ITEMS have been ticked!!!!!

      Lo and behold, upon checking, my sent items folder is empty!!!!!!!

      The only items I still have, are those within the archives up to the end of May 2011.


      I CAN’T BELIEVE McAfee have allowed this settings override to happen during the update/upgrade.


      Colour me SERIOUSLY ANNOYED!!!!!


      On top of it all, this is a personal email account, utilising pop/smtp, not Exchange, or IMAP. It therefore seems that these emails are gone for good?


      If anyone out there knows of a way to retrieve emails deleted in this fashion, PLEASE let me know?