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    How to get controlled releases.

      Does anyone know how to modify your yum repository in Web Gateway 7 to upgrade to controlled releases instead of main releases?



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          Upgrade to MWG 7.1.5

          First of all the administrator has to login to the console via  ssh and install the repository yumconf-7.1.5-mwg

          # yum install yumconf-7.1.5-mwg


          If  you have a beta version installed make sure to uninstall the beta repository now via

          # yum clean all

          # yum remove yumconf-beta



          Via UI

          The administrator can login to the UI and use the upgrade functionality offered by the UI. After upgrade a system reboot is recommended.


          Via Console

          The administrator has to login as root to the console (e.g. via SSH) and type


          # yum upgrade yum yumconf\*

          # yum upgrade

          # reboot