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    Downloading larger file - no progress bar


      Hi guys,


      I tried to find out, but I obviously can't

      One thing that is bothering me is downloading larger file, let's say 300mb. I can't see any progress bar and it's a little frustrating, espacially for others. I knwo that WG must scan this file, however I would really like to see some progres... is that possible ?




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          It's called progress indication. There is a rule in the rule library of the product that you can drop into the rules. In case you have them already as part of your Default rule set, make sure to check the Common Rules. There should be one that is called Progress Indication, which includes progess pages and data trickling. Make sure the are enabled.



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            Hi Michael,


            that's exactely what I was looking for, however there is a slight drawback... I can not download 2 files simultaneously, because first one is cancelled in the progress bar window...


            Is it possible to fix that to ?




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              Hi Gregor,


              you can download multiple files at once, but you cannot use the same window/tab for doing so. Once the client stops to refreshing the progress page, the download will be cancelled. You have to leave the window with the download progress untouched until it is finished, but you can certainly open another one and continue browsing, or download a new file.


              If users are confused I have two ideas:


              - They can right click -> open in new tab when clicking a download link. You can go back to the previous tab and continue working

              - Add a "new window" link to the Progress Page. I think in 6.x there was a link saying "if you want to continue browsing, click here", which opened a new window.


              This seems to be missing, maybe that is confusing.