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    Agent Handler in DMZ but Update via http


      Hey guys,


      some problem we have right now.

      We set up an agent handler in a dmz.

      The agent handler is allowed to send information to the ePO-Server.

      That works fine so far. If a virus is found on a system outside our company network, it reports to the ah and the ah to the epo.

      But we don´t want the ah to communicate with the epo the other way. So we blocked the ports the other direction so that the ah can´t request update-packages for the "outside-clients".

      This also works, the client tries to download but says couldn´t download from repository.

      Now we expected that the client would look for the next repository in our list. That would be http-mcafee.

      But there is nothing happening. He only looks for the epo-repository, can´t download and thats it. No McAfee-http is called!!!


      And yes, the http-repo is activated


      Any suggestions?


      epo-Server 4.5.4


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