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    "Unknown user" error in pre-boot logon

      Iam using EEPC 6 with ePO 4.6


      I have installed everything correctly based on this article, I've also synched LDAP server with 3 users in them, I have also logged in the three users to client machine one by one. I've also added the users to the encryption users.


      After installing the EEPC and encrypting the disk. Iam getting "Unknown user" error at pre-boot logon, I've tried all the users but none of them are working.



      I am also not able to uninstall eepc from client machine, Iam getting "Error occured while uninstalling eepc" same thing is happening while uninstallinf eeadmin from the client.




      Waiting for some help




      Mahendra Patel

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          Hemant Koli



          Have you added those users to that particular System????.........Login to ePO--->Menu--->Data Protection--->Encryption Users---->select system & add user.

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            Thanks for the reply


            I tried it again and i noticed that i can login by giving the full name of the user and i have to give username at windows logon. I don't know much about active directory so can't say what is happening. Iam also not able to get single sign on as preboot is taking the name of the user and windows logon is taking username of the account.


            Uninstallation is still not working, always getting "Error occured while uninstalling"


            Any help is much appreciated.




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              go back through the product docs and look at the section where you set up your EPO>AD connection - you probably have the wrong attribute set there for the user name (Should be SAMAccountName in most cases).


              You need to make sure that EEPC is using the name in the same format as Windows is, as if they don't match, then SSO won't sync the credentials.


              It's a common mistake to make.

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                Thanks, I did that and now i can login


                But now the problem is only original user that has earlier logged in to the pc before encryption can login trying with other users still showing error.


                I added other users to "encryption users" for that particular group but its not working, only one user has access. through pre boot.




                I would really appreciate if you could help me with the uninstallation procedure as iam getting "Error occured during uninstalling" while doing uninstallation of eepc from the client machine.




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                  It would be better if you simply log a call with your Platinum Support person?