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    Installation and renewal long standing issue


      - I install a new copy of Total Protection (been a customer for about 5 years) just before my copy is to expire

      - The install program says it is removing other versions of McAfee

      - 2 months later, I get a msg I have been expired for 2 months

      - I install again, and a week later I get a message I have been expired for 2 months

      - Support tells me to delete all cookies, etc. (this really sucks as all my passwords now are gone) and reinstall

      - I install again.

      - 2 months later I get a msg I have been expired for 4 months and must renew


      Why can't McAfee get this corrected. This has been happening forever, and I am really sick of it.  Clearly, the install program is not removing the old version properly and it is intefereing with the renewal reminder on the valid, licensed version.