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    Outlook Scan Problem with Outlook 2007

      Hello All

      Weird problem with Outlook 'On Demand Email Scan'.

      I deployed my first upgrade (from 2003) install of Office 2007 Pro Plus to my machine and on testing VirusScan Enterprise 8.5 Patch 5 the following happens.

      The scanner appears to fire up but gets no further than 'scan task in progress' no emails are scanned and the task does not finish. You cannot stop the task but you can pause then close the task - Nothing is reported as not responding in task manager and there are no error messages.

      So far i have tried disabling and re-enabling the add-in within outlook and deleting extend.dat - no joy.

      Any ideas?:confused:

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          Are you sure it's not scanning.. The Outlook scan on other versions such as Outlook 2002 and 2003 actually scan correctly BUT it will show that nothing has been scanned UNLESS there is an attachment in the message.. Basically, the Outlook scan scans "attachments", not really messages.. At least, that's what the reports say.

          Hope this helps.

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            Thanks for that but its not the behaviour i am seeing, the scan dosent complete on any email either with or without attachments. I have also tried re-installing VSE8.5 which has made no difference.
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              I have found the cause of this at least.

              The issue occurs after installing the Exchange 2003 Systems Management Tools on my workstation so its not going to be a company wide issue.

              I have to mention though that Mcafee Support have been completely useless in this matter - a complete waste of time and money. All they did was through a couple of KB's at me which didnt relate to the problem i was having and closed the ticket.

              Does anybody know how the Exchange tools would cause problems for the Outlook Scanner?
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                Could be that age-old mapi.dll issue: McAfee is depending on the version that ships with Outlook and the admin tool dropped a different version. This sort of problem is why Microsoft doesn't like Outlook installed on Exchange servers.

                Just a guess.
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                  A good guess as this seems to be the problem or at least one of them.

                  On a new build system that has only ever had Office 2007 on it i have fixed the Outlook Scanner by running fixmapi.exe in WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 which replaced the Exchange 2003 SP2 Tools mapi.exe(6.5.7638.1) with the windows version (1.0.2536.0) present before i installed the Exchange admin tools.

                  On the older system which has had office 2003 upgraded to 2007 the mapi.32 in win\sys32 is the windows version (1.0.2536.0) but the scanner does not function so possibly there is another element at work here.

                  Still, progress is progress.
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                    Search the system for other instances of the DLL. I've seen them get dropped in more than one place.
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                      Its in a few places and i have matched them up to the fixed system as much as possible but its still no-go.

                      What function do the files olmapi32.dll and MSMAPI32.DLL have with the scanner? - i have tried playing around with those renaming etc... but the broken system remains broke.

                      Its not a huge problem as i have now got my new workstation working but i am hoping when i upgrade the clients to Office 2007 from 2003 the problem will not happen again - although none of the clients will have the complicating factor of the exchange admin tools being installed.
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                        Outlook Menu --> Tools -->Trust Center --> Add-ins --> exchange client --> go --> uncheck exchange scan
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                          I think you may have misread this old thread.. Your suggestion will disable the Exchange scan.. The orginal poster in this thread WANTS the Exchange scan to work correctly and it's not. Instead, it appears "no emails are scanned and the task does not finish". (Already tried "disabling and re-enabling the add-in", etc.)

                          Hope this helps.