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    Disabling VSE 8.8 when it is locked up tight by sys admin - help please?

      Hey guys


      Hoping somone can give me a hand here. I i'm a student at a state-run hospital in .za and the machines here are all managed by the hospital's IT department. Our division runs all the usual software required to post data and patient results to the wards, as well as some proprietary software for our research arm which has nothing to do with the official hospital applications. In terms of having our proprietary software on a machine on the hospital's infrastructure, we have to conform to their IT standards which basically means they manage deployment of McAfee and run our Novell server system, which is usually fine by us.


      Last week, our proprietary stuff started misbehaving. The developers have remoted in to have a look around to see if they can fix things, but thus far no luck. Somene has suggested disabling McAfee to see if the conflict is there, perhaps with the current or previous sdat.


      McAfee is deployed by ePO here and I can't make any changes to it. Of course, the hospital IT department do not want to shut it off since it represents a risk to the network; in order to get this done we need to get a whole lot of red tape sorted out. I understand all that and why the policy is in place, but at the moment we're hamstrung and have been for the last 8 days and hospital IT do not want to authorise what we need to do. All I need is to work out how to edit the settings in McAfee to allow me to temporarily suspend McShield and the task manager to see if this is the problem. Currently, the lab has 5 analytical machines totalling literally millions of dollars sitting dormant because we can't get into their computer systems efficiently - everything is taking 10-15x longer than usual to respond and the systems time out, and my boss is having a heart attack over the whole thing.


      The usual options to stop scanning are greyed out in the Console; double-clicking to show that "Prevent McAfee services from being stopped" shows that it is greyed out and I can't uncheck the box to then kill the processes in Services. I figure there has to be a way I can make it stop - a registry entry or something - and I'm hoping someone in here will be happy enough to talk me through it so that I can turn it off for 5 minutes to see if it is where the issue lies. The developers can't really proceed with further troubleshooting without trying this; of course, the hospital IT is having none of it. Trying to disable the various components through services.msc gives access denieds all over the place, in normal Windows and Safe Mode.


      Can anyone give me a hand? It's WinXP sp3 and VSE; current sdat is 6446 as of 22 August 2011.


      Many thanks


      Cape Town

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          If you had sufficient privileges you could always uninstall VSE from add remove programs. If you do not have this kind of account privileges then you will need to work with your IT to perform the necessary testing. There is nothing that can be done from a McAfee perspective.  If there were a way to undermine an administrators decision to lock down VSE, then it would practically be a vulnerability and not suitable for posting in a public forum anyways.

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            Trying to get around the policies put in place by your hospital/IT dept is not the best way to go about it.


            To do so you need an administrator level (probably domain, possibly local) login.


            You really need to speak to your IT deptment directly. It shouldn't be too much of an issue for one of them to spend an hour or two diagnosing to issue.

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              This is a ridiculous post. You need to get management involved. If millions of dollars are flying out the door like you claim, someone is hopefully taking notice further up the totem pole already.


              And I echo the other 2 claims, there is no way for an unprivilaged user to disable AV.

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                Well, thanks anyway for the advice.


                Unfortunately, this is the way of things dealing with government departments in the 3rd World - much red tape and passing of the buck. I have opened up official channels and may have a solution sometime in the next 4-6 weeks once various people have pulled finger. Bearing in mind after 3 years of arguing we had to get the Head of Operations up here and have my boss literally drop 5 litres of icy rainwater on his head to get them to plug a hole in the roof which flooded our unit every time it rained (not kidding; we literally had him stand under a tarp which we'd rigged up to channel the water into a basin and then got one of our guys to shift it so the water landed on the guy standing underneath it).So hopefully we'll have a plan before Hell freezes over and the sky is overrun with flying pigs.