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    McAfee Total Protection problems

      Ok so, my girlfriend's stepdad gave me this laptop about 3 weeks ago or so, and they have never had any problem like this.


      Every now and again, McAfee randomly gives me a messege/notice, saying my computer is at risk and that real time scanning has been turned off. But when I click on turn real time scanning back on, it just either sits there and does nothing, or it just loads forever.


      After hours of nothing, I try turning my laptop off then on again. And when I try to open McAfee Total Protection (via the icon on my desktop, or down in toolbar ) all that happens is a White box appears, and I can not do anything with it.


      It did this to me about a week or so ago, and then it just randomly started working again. But I want to know why it is doing this?


      My laptop shows there are no new updates.


      I have windows vista, and I use FIREFOX, NOT INTERNET EXPLORER.


      Please help.

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          Peter M
          I have windows vista, and I use FIREFOX, NOT INTERNET EXPLORER.

          Vista SP2 I trust?  You can check by right-clicking Computer and going to Properties.


          Regardless of the default browser, McAfee utilises Internet Explorer for display purposes and blank images have been know to happen when beta versions of IE have been installed.


          If that's the case please uninstall the beta and for the safety of your system generally I recommend you install IE9 from the Microsoft website.  (Other processes use IE too).


          Can you open IE and go to Help/About and post the version number please?


          Random warnings about disabled protection or general red warnings are often simply the result of the suite needing to be updated so right-click the taskbar icon and do that, see if that cures it.








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            Yes, it is Windows vista SP2, I already have IE9, and there is no beta on my computer. ( IE9 version number 9.0.8112.16421 )


            And there are no updates. And in my OP I said it usually just randomly stops, which it did this morning (before this reply) and everything is working fine again, for now,


            I just want to know what is causing it, and if there is a way to fix it, because it usually prevents me from being able to even connect to a wireless network for a day or two.


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              Peter M

              Thanks and I have no other explanation why it works and then stops.  Technical Support Chat may be able to troubleshoot it better than I can here.


              They are linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.  The online chat is free.