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    HealthService.exe > ver 8.8


      Issue where SCCM


      HealthService.exe is trying to terminate mcafee processes mcshield.exe,mfeann.exe, FrameworkService.exe, vstskmgr.exe, naPrdMgr.exe, it is being blocked by Common Standard Protection:Prevent termination of McAfee processes Action blocked : Terminate.

      Would you add exclusions for and let it stop mcafee services, or just  keep blocking it and turn off logging, what woul dit do too SCCM client information ?

      Thoughts ?

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          Hemant Koli

          Hello Jimbo..


          You can add healthservice.exe in Process to Exclude(VSE Console---Access Protection--->Properties---->common standard protection--->Edit Prevent termination of McAfee processes--->add HealthService.exe under Process to Exclude.

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            Hi Hemnant

            Yes i know but it will then terminate mcafee services which i am not too keen on, it is a microsoft SCCM process but stopping mcshield for example is never a good idea.

            any ideas what Healthservice.exe does ?

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              What Healthservice.exe "does" is a Microsoft question, and I suspect it could change by what SCCM is being tasked to do.  The violation of the rule may be occurring because healthservices.exe is seeking to obtain terminate "privileges" of the mentioned processes, but may have not sent a terminate command.  If you do not wish to exclude the process the rule violation is expected, if you do not wish to see the entry in the AP log you can turn off reporting. If you would like the ability to add exclusions to “reporting” separate from “block”, so you do not report it was blocked but still see all other violations;  it would be a PER (Product Enhancement Request).


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