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    McAfee Photo Icon Problem in indows 7

      Recently photo icons in my copy of Windows 7 when rotated appeared grayed out and are not read by photo programs.  I went online for a solution (see http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-pictures/trying-to-ro tate-i-pic-on-my-laptop-running/d3d2be83-d94f-4594-a4db-cda59b1e5e54?msgId=31903 4f3-c04c-464e-82dd-26cad03942f5a) and read that rotating them makes them hidden files.  Well this has never been the case until now but they blame that on a recent MacAfee up date.  While the solution is to right click on the icon and change it from hidden it’s a royal pain in the kester when there are literally several hundred picture to do this to do at a time as I had to do after a recent trip photographing Chicago skyscrapers. Isn’t there a way to prevent this? Is McAfee going to fix this?