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    Side by side databases?

      • Server01 currently runs ePO 4.5 and has the SQL 2005 Express version running on it, with the EPO4 database.


      • We would like to migrate the database to Server02 with a full copy of SQL 2005 running on it.


      • Unfourtunately, no one seems to know the sa password on Server01 to access the SQL 2005 Express database


      Is it possible to add Server02 server to the ePO registered servers and write to both databases, eventually removing Server01 from ePO?

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          Not likely. ePO only allows you to configure one set of database information (including instance name, username, and password).


          Are you using SQL-only authentication? Or would a Windows admin on the SQL Express box be able to create a different account with appropiate accress?



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            SQL only auth

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              If we pointed it to a new database on Server02, would the ePO server just write new info to it?


              Would the only downside be we would have no previous info?

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                ePO will only create the database tables, triggers and so on during installation.


                I suppose you could install a new ePO server using the new database server. And then add the new server to the old one as a Registered Server. This would allow you to select the systems using the old ePO console and select "Move System" to migrate them over. There are some other, less elegant way to redirect Agents to a new server also.


                You could also export, and then import your policies, tags, system tree and so on. But there would be quite a bit of configuration mirroring that would still be done by hand.


                Not to mention, that doesn't help you with your old data...


                In short, it's not really the end of the road, but it won't be the easiest thing either.



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                  Upgrade your SQL express to full installation. Backup and restore and point ePO to new DB and server.

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                    The SA login is a special login in SQL Server, and is a member of the system administrator (sysadmin) role. It is used predominantly in configurations that use the SQL authentication mode, and is not used in Windows authentication mode. SQL requires a strong SA password for security reasons, and during GUI installs and silent SQL authentication mode installs, the user must provide a strong SA password. However, for silent Windows authentication installs, the SA password is not a requirement. The reason is that when using Windows authentication mode, the silent SQL Server Express setup provides a random strong SA password if the password is not specified by the user. The setup also disables the SA account in this case, so that you must explicitly enable SA at a later stage using T-SQL if you wish to use it. This is done so that the ISVs do not have to provide the password when using Windows authentication, so that the mass deployment scenarios are not blocked. In future releases, this functionality may be extended to GUI Windows-based installs also.


                    You can easily change this by installing SSMS-EE (Sql Server Management Studio Express Edition) or through T-sql statement as stated. SSMS-EE is a free download from Microsoft and is quite handy in it's own right.





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                      I got approval for a new server out of nowhere! So we are going to do the Tranfer Systems method.


                      Thanks everybody!