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    Does Quick Clean do anything?

      The word "quick" suggests somthing that should take less than the 48 hours it's been running so far. Previously I rebooted and reinstalled the sofware after waiting for hours thinking it wasn't working - but that (seems to have) made no difference.


      All I get is the little rotating icon at the top right:



      I've seen other threads that are far from complimentary about Quick Clean . . . and now I am discovering why.


      Dell Studio 1558

      Win 7 SP1

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          Moves this to Quickclean for better attention.


          It should not be doing that obviously so the installation must be corrupted,  This can happen for many reasons, often if other brands of registry cleaners are used, for one.


          Try running the McAfee Virtual Technician to see if it fixes it.


          If not then completely uninstall McAfee products using Control Panel/Programs/Uninstall a Program


          Run the MCPR removal tool listed under Useful Links at the top of this page and reboot.


          Reinstall your software from the online account.


          If it still sticks then maybe it is balking at a corrupted file or the hard drive has disk read errors.





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            MVT found no problems.


            Uninstalled Securtiy Centre - it prompted for a reboot. This has rendered my brilliantly fast laptop to be the slowest I've owned in 20 years!  It too over 30 minutes to reboot! Basically - you've managed to kill my laptop!

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              I have done no such thing.  There has to be another factor involved here.  Uninstalling McAfee is like any other software - it should only take a very short while.  I've done it hundreds of times with no issues.


              Does your laptop boot at all - Safe Mode maybe?  If it wont boot at all then I strongly suspect that this is pure conincidence and you're the unfortunate victim of hardware failure, most likely the hard drive, but it could be memory etc.

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                If it wont boot then I am sorry but something has physically failed and maybe you should take it in for service.   The never-ending Quickclean was the first symptom possibly of major failure.  It normally takes only a couple of minutes to complete.


                I know that's not what you want to hear and you have my sympathies, but neither I nor McAfee did it.


                Also the fact that the uninstaller asked for a reboot raises all kinds of red flags as normally it wouldn't....there also could be some underlying malware issues, some of which escape regular antivirus software.


                If you can at least boot into 'Safe Mode with Networking" I could guide you through malware removal, hopefully.



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                  I think there was an issue with your PC during this time. I would recommend to reload your OS and start from there,


                  Good luck.