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    Decrypted pc using eetech, but can't see D:\


      I had to manually decrypt 3 XPsp3 machines using EETECH. I tried a "Remove EE" but  it just hung and didn't start (i have had this before several times and then ended up using a force decrypt).


      I then did a force decrypt on all the partitions on one machine:

      Oddly tho, on all machines the partition information came up with 3 partitions when i know there was only a C: and a D:

      theinfo for one machine is- partition 0: ss is 63, sc 270406017 p1: 270406080 sc:217857465 p2:270406143 sc:217857402.


      I force decrypted the partitions, one by one and replaced the MBR.

      The machines then booted up into windows and logged in.

      However, I cannot see the D:\ drive. it may still be encrypted?


      When i load eetech now , the partition count now says 2 partitions: partition 0: ss is 63, sc 270406017 p1: 270406080 sc:217857465. (same as before for first two)


      when i authenticate and authorize and go into A3 file utility i cannot see the D:\ drive.


      What do i do?

      It apparently still sees the partition as encrypted somehow.


      I have raised a call with support but wondered if anyone had any ideas in the meantime please?





      Using eepc v6.0.2 and epo v