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    Intruder accessing My Network

      Hi -  I am very new to this topic or I guess I should say I have no knowledge of the technical side of computers.  I recently installed the McAfee Security Protection to my lap top.  I now get messages in the bottom right side of my screen, stating that the following pc or device that I classified as an intruder has accessed my computer and that McAffee has blocked this intruder.  I remember doing this, blocking IP addresses, but should I have done this?  I just thought someone was trying to hack into my info.  I have no idea what these IP addresses are.  I get one of those "Intruder Dected" messages every 5 minutes or so.  Help...


      1.     Can someone explain what these IP addresses are?


      2.     Should I have these IP addresses blocked?

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          Peter M

          They are most likely other gateways in your vicinity.  Possibilities are a wireless router, a cell phone or iPad Wi-Fi etc.   SecurityCenter labels them as intruders if they aren't known to it.  Are you actually using a network?   If not you can turn off such warnings b=y not trusting the network.


          Open SecurityCenter by double-clicking the taskbar icon (or right-click > select SecurityCenter) then click PC and Home Network Tools


          Then click Home Network Defense


          Click on the router or network at the left of the diagram (see pic below - click to enlarge if nesessary) and select 'Don't trust Network' below.


          Otherwise you have to keep on labelling anything it detects an intruder or not.  Some like to do that and others don't, some have to because they use a network.  But they only register as known if they are actually networked with that computer and you can recognize them.  It isn't meant to replace the computer system's network settings, just gives you a quick reference to security that's all.