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    Installing EEPC 5.2.x on VMware


      We are deploying EEPC 5.2.9 and EEFF 3.2.6 to our entire enterprise.  This includes desktop and VDI.  Currently we will not encrypt either of these with EEPC, but the desktop will be able to use SSO, which is a requirement.


      The current plan, because the VMware Viewer is configured to present the user with the Windows logon, is to immediately disable EEPC.  The reason for bothering to install, is so that the API is available.  I have done a severe customization to AutoDomain 5.58 to provision and move users and machines in order to get the proper EEFF policies.


      I am not familiar with the configuration of the VDI environment, as this is beyond the scope of my position.  My question is...


      Can the VDI environment be configured to allow the user to logon to EEPC pre-boot and therefore gain SSO?

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          it would depend entirely on your VDI environment - if it's a full virtual machine, then it will behave just like a real machine. If it's a remote-desktop type solution, then of course not.


          Do you get a BIOS start screen in your VDI environment? I imagine you do if it's a VMWare based solution - if so, then it will be just like a real machine. SSO and everything.

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            I have done RDP to a test session, and also connected to it via the viewer.  I don't have one of the thin clients that they most often use(this is a remote site), but I've been told that the thin client simply launches the same viewer utility that I have installed.


            This presents me with a list of the "desktops" that I have access.  It then passes me into the VDI using my current credentials, as captured by GINA.  This option allows for manually logging as well.  Eitehr way, it is the Windows logon that I experience, not a bios process like a "real" PC.


            By your description, I would assume that our current setup is not standard and that it is entirely possible for it to be changed to allow view of the actual boot process.  I know that if I'm on my physical machine with vmware, I can easily launch a virtual session that has pre-boot enabled.  I guess I thought maybe there was some unforseen issues with vmware, since you coded the ini setting into AutoDomain.

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              the options in autodomain are for people who prep images in VM before deploying them to real machines - there's no problem with using EEPC on VMWare though.


              I would just install EEPC on one of your VDI machines and see what happens ;-)

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