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    Going to patch 16 for VSS 8.0

      We are currently on patch 11. I want to update to patch 16. I am new to this so I am not sure if I can just go staight to patch 16 or is there something I need to run before. Also, when would be a good time to update a patch version? Is best practice to setup the task to run after business hours or is it fine to run during business hours?

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          It is okay to install Patch 16 from Patch 11. McAfee patches contain all the fixes in previous patches so there is no reason to install the other patches.

          We decided to stay on Patch 15 in our environment as we are slowly upgrading all our systems to McAfee VirusScan 8.5i. McAfee is ending support for VirusScan 8.0i on Dec 31st 2007.

          In our environment, I have found it best to push patches early morning 6am and also at lunchtimes for systems that are not left on overnight.
          • 2. Patch Availability
            I am new to this also ... I inherited a system running 8.0i Patch 10.
            Looks like last grant number expired a little while ago.
            Are patches available to non-current support holders?
            Our license is perpetual and we keep our DATs and engines up to date.

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              Unfortunately, NO, patches are not available unless you keep your license current.. A note: Although you may have installed the "Perpetual" license option, you truly aren't licensed to get support unless you pay for it and that includes updates and DATs. Much depends on the actual EULA that was created with the original support contract.. I'm not making judgements here because there are many who do exactly as you have stated, but I am passing along the information...



              Originally Posted by McAfee® - smb - McAfee Product Maintenance Policy
              McAfee Technical Support Software Maintenance and Grant ID Numbers

              You must have a current technical support agreement to be entitled to download product updates and upgrades, including engine and DAT updates for both subscription and perpetually-licensed software. For now, you can download DAT files and engine updates without entering a valid grant identity number, but you are not legally entitle you to do so.

              Both the "Enterprise" and the "Small Business" Maintenance Policy articles say the same thing.

              Hope this helps.