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    How can I check in Agent 4.0 extension on ePO 4.5 with Agent 4.5 has already checked in?

      I have new ePO 4.5.4, client has Windows 2000 machines. I checked in Agent 4.0 in the Master Repository, created the Agent and sent it to the client.


      Client logs show that it connects fine but it doesn't show up on the console.


      From the discussions here, I've read that I need to check in Agent 4.0 extensions. Even though not sure if this will solve my problem.


      When I try to check in Agent 4.0, it tells me, it can't because Agent 4.5 is already checked in.


      I removed Agent 4.5 and then I can check in 4.0. But then when I try to check in 4.5 as well, it overwrites.


      Can somebody tell me if there is a way to check both extesions on ePO 4.5.4? Or any other reason why WIn2000 machine would not show up?