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    Does On Access Scanning Catch SRIZBI Trojan???

      A system here with latest DAT and engine was found infected with Srizbi Trojan. Is it possible for this trojean rootkit to 'stealth' it's way past the on-access scan? Settings in the console are enabled for malware. Any ideas are appreciated. (VSE 8.5.0i)
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          Well, there are a number of trojans that can get by the Antivirus portion of VS 8.5i.. Have you also got the Antispyware module installed? If not, then give it a try.. It's designed to find more spyware and trojans than the plain vanilla antivirus..

          And just for kicks, download the following antispyware program to your computer, update it, then run a full system scan.. If your computer is infected with many common spyware apps, the tool below should help.

          Antispyware Removal Tool #2

          Hope this helps.

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            Thanks - we had begun to conclude that running a full scan (something that annoys our users) a mid-day miht be our only solution to finding and remving such trojans. Your proposal has good merit.