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    Scanning a fileserver

      I am faced with the following situation :

      Several fileservers take a very long time (37 hours is one of the real example times it takes) to do a scheduled scan of all the drives.
      The scan is now set at scanning 2 hours per day, after which it is terminated, and should continue where it left off the next day, meaning it takes 19 days before it has scanned all drives (RAID 5) !
      The data is several TB's in size.
      Now I am looking at possible improvement plans, and I am wondering how others who encountered this problem have solved the issue.
      The servers are managed by an EPO 3.6 solution, with Virusscan 8i running on them.

      What would help ?

      * Increase max. CPU usage ? (it is now at 80%)
      Would setting this even higher solve anything ?

      * Scan 6-9 hours per day so that the server has scanned all files more quickly.

      * Start the scan at Friday night and run it until it finishes ?

      * Upgrade to Virusscan 8.5i ?

      Any other suggestions ?

      Also, does anyone know how much performance is improved when moving from 7,200rpm disks to 10,000 to 15,000 ?
      Or is performance increased more by using faster CPU's (with more cores) ?
      Is Virusscan 8.5i (a lot) faster in scheduled scans ?
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          What is the cpu, memory usage like during the scans?
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            Which patch # do you have installed on those VS 8.0i machines? We like patch #14 but if you're using #15 or # 16, you might check the information and "fix" in the link below. It might speed things up a little.:

            Microsoft Office hosted files remain locked until the server is restarted

            Instead of setting it to scan "All Files", have you tried changing the settings so it scans "default" files.. It speeds the scan up substantially and still scans the important "infectable" files.

            And yep, we scan out stuff over night or on weekends, although none of our scans take the amount of time that your's does..

            No, I've not noticed that 8.5i is substantially faster than 8.0i..

            In my experience with scanners, the faster drives don't make much of a difference.. Primarily, the faster RPM decreases "seek" time and that's not really the issue here. The file has already been found, and instead, it becomes how fast the scanner will wade through the files.. A faster processor certainly decreases scan times though.

            Hope this helps.

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              Hmm that article helps me with some odd issues with Office files locking on VS8.0

              Thanks as it may also fix my problem that I thought was OS related!