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    Computer at Risk


      I am running XP Home Service Pack 3 with McAfee Internet Security.  I just finished checking for and installing updates.  After I clicked the Done button, the Green bar changed to Red and I briefly saw and was about to read something about the updates not installing or something and there was a Dismiss button.  After I read that message for about 2 seconds, it changed back to the Green Bar saying it is secure.


      So I full scan my computer with McAfee and nothing, but when I did a full scan with Malwarebytes.  It said that there were 2 infected object and they were PUM.SecurityCenter or something.  It look like it has something to do with FirewallDisableNotify and VirusScanDisableNotify.  My question is that are these 2 PUM dangerous and should I remove them or are they what you call false positives?

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          Peter M

          It's quite common for the SecurityCenter to momentarily flash red when updating.  Most times it's unnoticeable because few people have it open whilst it is updating.


          PUM stands for "Possibly Unwanted Modification" and is only a warning.  However, if Malwarebytes produced it then you should be asking on their forum.


          A Google search for pum.securitycenter just brought up an item on their forums as the first choice.


          By the way there have been posted issues with the paid version (as against the free one) of Malwarebytes and SecurityCenter.







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            I just read the first result of google like you said and it seems that the someone mentioned that because I have something like McAfee, McAfee disables the Windows Security Center notification, since it has its own.


            I forgot to mention that I was using the free version of Malwarebytes.  But basically am I right to assume that because I have McAfee and it disabled the XP Notficiation, everything is actually fine and there is nothing wrong with my machine?

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              Peter M

              Yes, everything is fine.

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                I see, thank you. I will marked this as answered.