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      Dear all:
      I have a 3.6.0 epo and I have a vse 8.0.0.engine 5200…well I am traying to send the agent to on of my clients and it is not taking.
      So please can anyone asset me?
      And it is showing on all the other pc a small “correct” mark does that means that the agent is installed?
      And also how can I push the vse 8.0.0 to the client with epo, rather than doing it manually??
      And do I need to update my epo the 3.6.0??if yes how?
      I am new in epo…so is there any way I can read about it or study it? Books or anything..
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          anyone can help me in that....also i have the same version 8.0.0.engine 5200 on my pc..but it seems like i am not getting an agent..but i am updating from the server??????and when i try to sch somethong on my pc it tells me an agent ned to be installed???