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    MEF 8.1.2 - vpn problem/admin console




      when I'm trying to create ipsec vpn definition, and local network is admin console crashing with error:

      Traceback (most recent call last):

        File "/usr/share/ac/lib/cobrabaseToolbar.py", line 284, in _OnAction

        File "/usr/share/ac/lib/cobrabaseCommon.py", line 198, in ActionWrapper

        File "/usr/share/ac/lib/cobraclient.py", line 495, in SaveAndContinue

        File "/usr/share/ac/lib/cobraTree.py", line 3045, in SaveAndContinueEvent

        File "/usr/share/ac/lib/cobrabase.py", line 2744, in DoSave

        File "/usr/share/ac/80102/lib/COBRA_VpnConfig.py", line 940, in ValidDisplayData

        File "/usr/share/ac/lib/cobra_util.py", line 1065, in GetNetwork

      ValueError: invalid literal for int():


      The same situation if I'm trying modyfi in admin console manualy created ( cf ipsec ) definition.


      Tested on apliance and virtual machine, same efect ...