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    Clients not showing as up to date or receiving agent

      Hi there,

      I'm looking for some help with the McAfee setup we have, which I am trying to fix as it doesn't appear to be either working properly or displaying accurately.

      We're running VirusScan Enterprise 8.0.0 (patch versions 1), scan engine 5200 and virus definitions 5287 (as of today) and also running ProtectionPilot 1.1.0.

      Now, the problem seems to be only certain clients are receiving the agents or the updates and i'm not sure what's happening. My PC appears to now have the scan agent installed, but only once I manually turned off my PC's firewall, deployed the agent, and then turned on my firewall again.

      The group policy exclusions appear to be accurate as far as I can see, as I've followed the instructions I found, from McAfee I think.

      ProtectionPilot only shows a handful of clients as communicating, and shows none of those as up-to-date despite the agent logs showing updates being received on those that show they have the agent installed.

      I'm fairly inexperienced when it comes to all matters AV, so any help anyone can provide will be much appreciated.

      If it helps, I installed and ran the McAfee Virtual Technician and received the following error messages:

      - Problem: configuring Virus Scan Enterprise and/or NetShield exclusions on an Exchange 2000/2003 server running McAfeeGroupShield Exchange

      - Problem: McAfee 4400 Engine end of life. All services cease. 31 January 2007.

      - Problem: McAfee 5100 Engine end of life. All services cease. 31 January 2008.

      I thought it was an out of date engine issue, but as I mentioned we appear to be using an up-to-date engine.

      Let me know if there's any other info I can provide, thanks.