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    Pre-boot crashed an HP Laptop?

      Hey there,  I am a new McAfee EE person, we recently aquired it for our organization as a new policy for all laptops.


      So I have a newer HP laptop here that I recently deployed EndPoint Encryption to (maybe 2 weeks ago). Got a call from the user, apparently the laptop is now booting to a black screen and displaying

      McAfee EndPoint Encryption:  error 0xee120106  (Error opening file in pre-boot file system)


      The weird thing is that I havent even turned on Pre-Boot authentication yet because my plan was to just have the EE software deployed and working on all of our laptops (about 120+) and then systematically turn on pre-boot by having a container in ePO with that policy turned on and just move the computers one by one into it. Making sure it works for the previously user before moving on to the next.


      But im stumped with this black screen thing, the worst part is that its pre-windows so I cant do any restores, and the hard drive is encrypted so I cant pull any of the user's data off before I do a format (which I really dont want to do).


      I have the most recent versions of everything, ePO 6.x, etc.


      Is there something I can do ? long shot I know.


      Thanks in advance

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          you still have the pre-boot there if you encrypted the machine, it' s just logging in for the user automatically.


          The standard EEPC disaster recovery tools will fix this - just use EETech off a WinPE CD or something to rescue the data, or decrypt the drive. It's totally recoverable in the normal ways.


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            Ok, yeah I suppose I knew that.


            Is there a standard location for the EEPC disaster recovery tools? I dont believe I have any of those tools anywhere.  Does type of thing occur often? I havent seen any KB's about it.



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              I am guessing you're not the EEPC administrator for your company - it might be best to involve the person who took the training during your pre-roll out planning.


              It should not happen often - chances are the user turned the machine off while it was busy, or it crashed badly. The other common problem is you get attacked by a root kit virus - but the error messages would be different in this case.


              The tool you need is EETech - there's a user guide on the kc - https://kc.mcafee.com/resources/sites/MCAFEE/content/live/PRODUCT_DOCUMENTATION/ 22000/PD22404/en_US/McAfee%20EETech.pdf


              You can get it from whoever your EPO administrator is.


              I advise you though to pass this to whoever had the training, as your data is 99.9999% recoverable at the moment. You can reduce that to 0% by incorrect use of EETech.

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                Unluckily for me I am the admin for both.


                We literally JUST got this software last month so I did a bit of reading of the 300pg manual and have just basically been trying to set it up in the 'Best Practices' way.


                But then this error came up and had me stumped.


                No worries I am sure I can recover everything without isssue.

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                  McAfee have a pretty competent professional services organization - maybe your company would benefit from some training?


                  Also - I'm surprised you didn't go through a full proof of concept prior to buying the software? Maybe the person involved in that can help you?

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                    I asked live support to double check my setup and made sure everything was properly done and they said I was all good in that regard (however some more professional training might be benefitial haha)


                    We basically got it from word of mouth, and we have a partner who uses it as well who did a small software demo for us, but they didnt really go into disaster recovery and the like.


                    Its been working well so far this is really the first big issue I've had.

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                      If you bought it from a partner, did you buy any services or support from them?

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                        We bought the Gold support with the EE software.


                        I will use it if I need it, but as stated above I only had this one issue so far and havent required it. I just posted here for a quick and dirty reponse to see if that issue was common and if there was a general fix.