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    McAfee 5.2.2 update, PROBLEMS

      Dear All,


      Again we find oursleves in a dreadful position with this product.


      - unrecognised programs list is vanised even after scheduled update to 5.2.2 for several test machines

      - we cnanot change the dsktop policy on these machines from the security center, no changes occur after the update now from the icon is system tray

      - we note that the firewall version is set at not 5.2.2 etc

      - in case this was an issue we uninstalled the firewall on a 2 good clean test machine and did an update now expecting the firewall to be automatically reinstalled as for the dektop policy, it didnt work


      This is all depressing. There have been nothing but problems with this product every time tere is an update.


      What do we do to resolve the above issues. DONT ask me to unistall and reinstall our whole company with this product.




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          By uninstalling the firewall on a different machine, reboot and do an update from McAfee we get the latest version of the firewall.


          This would seem to tell us that the update of 5.2.2 is NOT working for the firewall as for the AV and browser protection.


          Can mcAfee fix this such that all our nodes receive the latest firewall as well on the next update. We are NOT in a poition to uninstall/reboot/reinstall the firewall across our company of about 60 Nodes.


          Please advise.




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            Hello argint ,


            Sorry for the deferred response , could you please let us know if you are experiencing this issue with McAfee Virus scan enterprise products or SaaS protection . so that I can get in the respective experts to this thread accordingly .




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              Well I make the upgrade without isse but I Disable the firewall before make any installation

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                Hi Argint,


                I really apologize for the inconvenience. In your post you mentioned that , the update of 5.2.2 is not working for the firewall . Also you mentioned an another problem with McAfee in your another post. Already  I sent you a private message, please reply back to that ASAP in order to help you with this issue.



                Geetha P

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                  Hi Argint,


                  After going through your above posts we suggest that this issue could be handled better if we could get an Technician take remote entry into one of your computers that is facing this issue and we could research the cause for the upgrade not being happening.


                  We have already sent you a PM asking for your contact details and your preferred time for the call. Please answer to that PM so that we will get an Senior Level Technician call you and help you in fixing the problems.


                  Please answer the PM with the details requested.



                  Pritish P.