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    Crash despite running McAfee Enterprise Edition

      When I turned on my computer - it told me that it had recovered from a critical error - it had!!
      All of my "MY Documents" are lost
      "My Favourites" in Internet explorer are gone
      All of the "Restore Points" are gone

      C\Quarantine now has 1,949 files - 7.85MB

      Every time I click on anything, MS Money tries to start but has an error as a file is missing and I can't delete it in Add/ Remove Programs - I have never used Money but it came on the computer!

      All this despite the fact that I am running McAfee Enterprise Edition from the University of Cincinnati, OH that I update daily!!

      1) Which operating system do you have and how much RAM?
      XP Home with Pentium(R) 4 2.99GHz, 2GB RAM
      2) Which McAfee products have you (but may have uninstalled) had on your machine previously? Not sure if there was one on the computer when bought - may have been Norton
      3) Which programs do you currently have installed? (Version Numbers help.) MS Office 2003, Microtec Scanwizard 5, Pinnacle Studio 11 and a few others that came with the computer
      4) Is your operating system an upgrade from a previous version and which operating system are you using? No
      5) What file system are you using? (Open My Computer, right click on your C: and select Properties) NTFS
      6) How are you connected to the Internet? (Dialup/broadband)Broadband
      7) Version numbers are different depending on where you are in the world. What part of the world are you in. (example- US/UK)US

      I was wondering if anyone thinks that there is a way to disinfect the files in Quarantine and restore them and if this will recover my data? If you think that this would work would you mind telling me how to do it - slowly - as I am very computer illiterate - and this has taken 1/2 hour to type!!
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          Hi Bill

          Had you many files in your My Documents?

          I ask because 7.85MB is not much data and if you had stuff like music, video etc in your My docs that's not what is in your Quarantine folder. Looking at my Quarantine folder I have 1225 files there, they build up over time when things like cookies etc are quarantined.

          Have you done a search of your computer for some file name that you know for a fact was in your My Docs folder?
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            Thanks for the reply
            That is part of my concern - I had quite a bit of stuff in MY Documents - the computer seems to have been told to Restore itself to Factory settings - but did not get rid of all the programs that I had loaded - just all the data that has been generated
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              Your not just in under a differnt profile? eg were logged in a Bill now logged in as Administrator

              go to

              c:\documents and settings\

              Are there many users's in there? Can you find your files in any of the other profiles?

              Did you try the search?
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                Yes I have tried to search - no sign of the files!
                I was the only user and administrator
                The computer created a new user - Bill.vaio - a combination of the computer type, a Sony Vaio and my user name, Bill - but the my documents for that user were empty as were mine in te Bill My documents
                Very strange!!
                The first Hard drive had 2 partitions - things lost from both
                A second hard drive lost old video, but the most recent clips put there were still on.
                As I have already said all the restore points - and there were a lot as I create one before and after loading a new program - were gone!! Computer date on restore only went back to April 2008 and I re-set up the entire computer in Sept 2007!

                To me looks like all documents, restore points and videos before a certain date were deleted and the computer restored to factory settings without altering the new programs I had added - I am not sure how this happened
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                  Thats a strange one all right. With windows restore it would have removed programs (or restored to a point before the programs were installed)

                  I wonder is there any Sony software that might have done it? Might be worth contacting them if your still within warrenty.

                  Sorry I can't be of any help.