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    exclude files with attribute "offline" from VSE



      I just got a configuration for a file archiving system. All files with the attribute offline (O) should be excluded from scan, otherwise the file(s) will be lose the offline atrribute and will be transferred back to the file server. I already searched for a solution, but...


      Is it possible set such a configuration?




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          A quick browse throught he policy options doesn't show any options for exclusions based on file attributes.




          To quote Attila in the above post "I think file attributes are not part of a file physically, rather, they are part of the directory entry that refers to the file." So VSE can't actually see the attributes.


          In theory there shouldn't be a need to scan the files on the archive system with a full system scan (which i'm guessing your doing). It sounds like your system is configured so that when ever an archived file is requested/accessed by a user (or VSE in this case) is automatically moved back to the file server.


          You could


          1. Temporarily disable non-archive file sync

          2. Do full system scan on the archive server

          3. reset archive bit on all the files

          4. On the archive server set VSE to scan on read/write only.

          5. On the file server set VSE to do what your normal policies do.


          If the link between the file server and archive server is unique (i.e files are only added to the archive server by the file server) then your guaranteed that they're clean and the scan on read/write will maintain integrety on the archive server.


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            Pressuming you are talking On-Demand scans here, have you tried the following option in the VSE On-Demand Scanner?


            (These instructions are for VSE 8.8)


            1. From VirusScan Console, double-click On-Demand Scanner
            2. From the Scan Items tab, in the Options section, deselect Scan files that have been migrated to storage
            3. Click OK and exit VirusScan Console.


            Please let me know if this works for you.