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    Unable to remove or add repository

      Hi everybody,
      I am unable to remove or edit old repository items from the repository list in 7 & 8.
      I am able to add a new one but if I close the console and open it again, it has disapeared.
      I am working under local administrator account and already reinstall it.
      Any idea or turnaround would be welcome.
      Tks a lot,
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          Sorry it took so long to get here but you've posted in the wrong forum. This is for older "retail" version of VirusScan.. It appears like you've got the corporate "Enterprise" version of VS 7 or 8.0i.. I'll move your post to the correct corporate "Desktop and Server" forum where it should receive more responses.. You can access the thread from either forum location.

          In the meantime, although you are making the changes in the local admin account, does this computer also fall under ePO controls by a remote administrator? If so, then the changes are being over-ridden by the corporate ePO..

          In addition, you don't mention which patch # you're using on those machines.. First, VS 7.0 or 7.1 are no longer supported and should be discontinued. As to 8.0i, you should be at Patch #14 or higher. If you aren't, please do.. The updated patch fixes many of those issues.

          If you're not using ePO there and the patches are up to date,, then I recommend manually uninstalling VirusScan, then reinstalling it.

          Hope this helps.