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    Installation Designer + Prebundled 8.5i + P5

      I see that there's a bundled VirusScan 8.5i with Patch 5. And this can be used on Vista SP1 machines and then everything should work.

      I want to build a package with all my settings (for standalone users; we have ePO too.)

      Has anyone tried using Installation Designer with VirusScan 8.5i + P5 prebundled?

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          Yes, and No..

          Yes, VS 8.5i with Patch 5 can be installed on Vista SP1.

          No, it's not fully supported yet. (Patch #6 which fully supports Vista SP1 won't be released till June or July.) Although patch 5 is working for most users, there have been a few issues.. See the link below:


          So Patch # 6 will be required to make it fully compatible..

          Hope this helps.

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            So I have been following the Vista thread.

            Since McAfee posted this statement on April 25

            "Deploy VSE 8.5i Patch 5 repost package to get full support for Vista SP1."

            It sounds to me like there aren't issues with 8.5i + patch 5 repost and Vista SP1.
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              i think you should have look at this...


              Patch 5 does NOT support Vista SP1. A hotfix must be installed on top of patch 5 to make it compatible with Vista SP1. This hotfix can only be requested by submitting a ticket through the corporate helpdesk, and having it escalated (be sure to tell the customer to reference KB 615037).

              We estimate that patch 6 (containing the fully QA'd hotfix) will be released in July of 2008.

              I want to reiterate, because the KB article is a little confusing, that we don't recommend upgrading and then installing the hotfix, that's only a temporary workaround until the patch is fully released. It is mainly intended for people who already had Vista SP1, and try to add VSE 8.5i to the system.

              They may not have to escalate a ticket to get the hotfix, but they will need to call technical support regardless.

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                Hi. And KB 615037 says:

                New customers who are deploying McAfee VSE for the first time on Vista SP1 systems.

                Deploy VSE 8.5i Patch 5 repost package to get full support for Vista SP1.
                That's what McAfee said on April 25th.

                I remain confused.
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                  i think this article from McAfee KB is quite misleading.

                  there is no doubt that vse 8.5 patch5 cannot support vista sp1 perfectly.

                  according to KB,
                  VSE's Port Blocking feature does not work when installed to Windows Vista SP1.

                  many of my friends have tested on VISTA SP1 for the issue above , and the result had proved KB's discription.

                  so , i suggest you NOT to upgrade vista sp1 until patch6 is release, or you can get the hotfix from mcafee.