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    Warning about hibernation issue


      Hi guys,


      I had a long session with McAfee Gold Support yesterday, regarding two laptops that had suddenly crashed on me after upgrading the EEPC Agent to v.

      My two laptops had crashed in preboot, both with different errors. One got the 'File Access Error' and one got a corrupted registry message. I was told to do either a emergancy boot using the EETech or do a decrypt. So far so good. Thats not what my warning is about.


      Both my laptops had crashed after having run out of battery while in standby mode. This caused the laptops to go into a state of hibernation. Once they resumed from hibernation, EEPC had become corrupted. I initially thought that the hibernation problem had been solved in the EEPC 6.X.X upgrade, and was much surprised to learn from Gold Support that the issue still exists. Now, we disable the hibernation feature on all clients with our image, but apparently this isn't enough if the laptop runs out of battery while unplugged and in standby. (all my clients run either EEPC Agent or, and EEPC software v.


      We are now sending a message out to all laptop users, instructing them to properly shut down their machines and not use standby, if there is a chance they might not use their laptop for several hours while on the travelling, ect.


      Now, i'd like to know if anyone had experienced the same, and would also like a McAfee guy to comment on when/if they will have the hibernation problem fixed?




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          I have seen this problem as well, what type of laptop are you using?


          This is not happening on our Dell's but is happening on some of the Lenovo laptops we have in one of our International offices (India).


          We are using Endpoint Encryption 6.1 and have tried 6.1.1 as well and the problem still exists on the Lenovos only.

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            We are using Dell's.

            So far, i've seen this on 2 Latitude 6410's.

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              Below are the steps to enable Hibernation Support


              To enable hibernation support on an encrypted system create the following DWORD registry entry




              and set it to a value of 5. The change will take effect on the next reboot.


              This is the workaround provided by Mcafee it works on most of the Dell laptop models


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