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    Ironmail PHI Filtering of patient records emailed outbound


      We are a 7 hospital system. We have approximatley 70,000 patients a month. Our security officer wants to be able to track activities of these patients and any information generated by their stay here for 90 days. He wants to be able to do the folowing:


      1. Maintain a dictionary of over 200,000 records that we can match against of filter from
      2. Fileds needed to be watched are account numbers, medical record numbers, last name, first name, and DOB.
      3. Can IronMail handle a dictionary of that size?
      4. If we provided a regular feed of new patients;

                A. Could we load that daily? 

                B. Could that load be automated?

         5. Could IronMail automatically age off unmatched records after a period of time (90 days?)


      Does this question even belong here??