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    Vscan 8.8 and performance issue with .net webbrowser component

      Howdy all,


      Hopefully this hasn't been discused ad nauseum. I'm having issues with a couple of programs that are being developed for my organization.  They embed a web page on a form using a pretty standard .Net component, I believe called WebBrowser, that more or less emulates IE to embed web pages. 


      These web pages work great on the machine, with load times in the one to two second range.  HOWEVER, in the embedded application, it can take up to 17-20 seconds to load the same page, and McShield.exe is the obvious culprit.  It will jump up to 5-6% cpu the entire time and appears to hang up on scaning temporary IE files that are being created.  If I disable Vscan, it works beautifully.


      The web sites are 100% internal and trusted. I've added them to the trusted sites to no avail.  Is there something else I should be looking at?


      Thanks for you help.