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    Finding machines with policy X


      Under ePO we used to scan infected machines by allocating the infected machine a more aggressive scan task which would perform an immediate, one-off scan of the system. This no longer appears to be a viable method due to the way task assignment and editing has changed in the latest version of ePO, where scheduling cannot be controlled on a per-computer task level. The new way to do this would seem to be configuring an aggressive scan task for all machines with no viable schedule which we can then "Run now" via ePO.


      Unfortunately, we are still running Agent 4.0 due to a few older machines and so cannot use the Run Now function.


      I want to locate all the machines with the run-once policy to get them removed so we clean up our task list and come up with a new system for handling infections. However, I can't seem to find a way to do this.


      How can I locate this policy on machines?