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    Can we Integrate two ePO servers together..??

      Are we able to integrate two ePO server together..?? & if yes what all can be achieved through this integration..??

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          Can you clarify your question a bit ? What would be the intent of this merge ? If you meet the sizing requirements, one server is easier to manager that two.


          The basic answer is you can transfer agents from one server to another one if they are on subnets permitting communications between both. Once all agent are transfered to one of the server, then the old server can be decomissionned.

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            The intent of this merge came up because we had a company that was recently merged that had its own ePO, administrators, client tasks, policies etc & they wanted to maintain it that way as per the contract & the parent company admin wanted to know on all the possiblities possible on the merged company ePO server & clients from the parent company ePO server without having to disolve its ePO server. So yea we cannot de-commission the other ePO server but would want to know what all can be centrally managed @ the moment.

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              With ePO 4.6 at least you can register additional McAfee ePO servers for use with your main McAfee ePO server to collect or aggregate data.


              See 'Setting up Registered servers' in the ePO 4.6 user guide to see what can be done. I'm guessing this might meet your needs.





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                Yoru best bet is to transfer all agents to one server. Keep the other one active and available in case you have to transfer the agents back again. All devics would be managed on one server.

                If that's not possible, your best bet is to register one of the server with the other one you would designate as master and you could run reports from the master. Please refer to the roll up reporting reports, they're kinda of  a mini datamart where the data is structured towards reporting.

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                  Registering an additional server is possible in ePO 4.0 & 4.5 too but after registering servers i wanted to know what all were possible in terms of managing the server that was newly registered..??


                  Do i get to see the systems of the registered server too or would i just be able to collate reports etc of the registered server..??




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                    Registering a server essentially enables you to transfer systems, between servers,  get data from it's database and share policies. You need to be able to access the sql server of the other epo server for this to work.


                    The systems from the other server would only show in roll up reporting, unless you transfer them to the new server.

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                      How easy is transfering systems from one ePO to the other ePO server if we have the ePO server registered..?? Can we avoid pushing the agent all over again to all the clients to let them know to contact the new ePO server..??

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                        We're running through this scenario right now.

                        Select an agent an click "transfer system". Once it has communicated with the old and new server, it is essentially done.

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                          What versions of ePO?


                          As already mentioned you can transfer systems easlty between 4.5 to 4.5 and 4.6 to 4.6. Even though it is not supporetd you can transfer from 4.5 to 4.6.


                          Then export all the polices and import to the other to main the epolices from the othe server.


                          If you need to keep a sime organizied tree. Creat ea new group on one server that has teh nam eof the other ePO server. The on the ePO server you are moving do an export of the system tree and systems and import into new group that was previouly created. You will have to modify the text file before importing to build the new tree in the correct group.


                          Then you will have a sub tree that looks the same as the other ePO server and can be easliy managed like teh old ePO server. You will have to recreate tasks unless it was ePO 4.6.