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    RSD Sensors Staying Active

      Hi all.  I am having an interesting issue.  I am updating my sensors on the subents that we monitor.  Generally my company likes to have 1 active sensor with 2 passive sensors per subnet.  Whenever I remove the old sensors and re-install them they all stay Active.  Non of the sensors switch over to passive like before.  I am updating to version


      Thanks all.

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          Please modify your RSD policy  you should be able to do that from there


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            Thanks Allamiro for taking time to respond.


            I looked at our RSD policy and it appears to be the same as before.  It doesnt appear to have changed any.  So I would suspect all the rogue sensors to use that policy like they did before the updated version. 

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              Hey Kire98


              Check inside the server settings, and change the settings for rogue system, in there you can specify how many sensors should be active or passive.

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                Hey thanks netsec.  That appears to be what I need to do.  That setting is now set at 2 instead of 1 like we had previously.  Dont know why or how that changed. 


                We updated EPO some time ago (2 months).  We are still 4.5 but at the current patch level.  I am assuming it could have changed then.  Does McAfee reccomend 2 active sensors?  I notice when we have rogue detections we arent notified very promptly (5 to 10 mins later).   Do you know if this will make for faster detections?

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                  Hey kire98


                  You can go and edit the automated response task

                  In there edit the aggression limit to "