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    Unable to make changes to settings



      I am unable to save changes to setting in Mcafee Enterprise using the console as the settings keep reverting to the original after a few minutes.  I have read that there is a file called vsecfg.cab which needs to be deleted in order for the settings to be saved as this is a security feature but this file does not exist on the machine or on the server for Mcafee Enterprise.


      Help please !

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          The settings are being reverted becuase the computer is being managed by ePO. At every agent policy refresh ePO will set the config of the console to that specified by the ePO administrator.


          You basically have two options edit the default policy in ePO or create a new policy, break inheritence of the default policy and assign the new policy to just the single PC.


          Not recommended but.....If your a system admin then you can halt the policy refresh by stopping the "McAfee Framework Service" service temporarily but this will stop all reporting and DAT updates as well. All settings will be reset to the ePO policy after the next reboot.


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            How do I change the policy enforcement interval so that it does not update the console ? I have to enter a number in this field as it will not accept 0.

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              The computer that I am trying to change the settings for was recently renamed and I am not seeing it in the list of systems.  Would renaming the machine affect this?

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                If you've renamed it then it potentially has been moved to 'Lost&Found' in the system tree.


                Just to get this discussion on the right path:


                - Are you using ePO?

                - What versions of ePO and VSE?

                - What settings are you trying to change on the client?

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                  Yes, I am using ePO


                  The version of VirusScan Enterprise is 8.7.0i and the version of ePolicy Orchestrator is 4.0.0 (build 1298).


                  The change I am trying to make is to modify the "prevent mass mailing" option to *** databasemail.exe as an exception so that I can SQL can send mail.

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                    You can add the .exe name into the VSE 8.7 Access Protection Policy on the ePO server.


                    Edit the 'Prevent mass mailing worms from sending mail' setting under 'Anti-virus Standard Protection'. You should be able to add the exe to


                    You can either add it to the default policy and apply it to all computers or duplicate the default policy break it's inheritence and apply it to a single computer.


                    Note: i've only ever used ePO 4.5 and 4.6 but i'm assume the abiliy to edit the policies is similar.




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