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    JIT debug after "restart" update today


      Received an update this morning. Required a restart. After the restart I began receiving JIT errors. Reinstalled McAfee. Seems to have fixed the problem. So far. Anyone else have this problem? It's the second time in the last few months this has happened. Last time it was associated with aFlash update. I paid for help from McAfee and got nothing. Did reintall as a last resort then too. I was the only way I could fix the problem.

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          Peter M

          Script debugging can be stopped in Internet Explorer.


          From an old thread:


          You can stop the JITD window from popping up by disabling script debugging in Internet Explorer:

          -> Tools

          -> Internet Options

          -> tab: Advanced

          -> in the list, under Browsing, check the box "Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)"

          -> also check "Disable Script Debugging (Other)

          -> click Apply, and OK


          You may also want to uncheck the box "Display a notification of every script error".


          If  you have Visual Studio (or Compaq Visual Fortran) installed, you can  turn off the JITD feature in general. Open Developer Studio, select  Tools, Options, Debug. Then uncheck the "Enable Just-In-Time Debugging"  box and click OK.


          Basically if your system is totally up to date and I assume it is, and your browsers and add-ons are set to default settings, all should be normal.


          Free support is available 24/7 via these forums or through Technical Support Online Chat where you can even have technicians connect with your computer to troubleshoot.  It's available through Useful Links at the top of this page, or right-click the taskbar icon --> Get Help -->  McAfee Support Website for live help, or  click Help for the built-in help index.