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    Scanning External Hard Drive


      I am using McAfee Internet Security, recently I tried to scan my 320 GB External Hard Drive that has 110 GB of space left.  I noticed that when I plugged in the Hard Drive, I didn't get a McAfee popup asking me to scan it, but I went to My Computer and Right Clicked the drive to scan it, however, it seems to be taking too long to scan a single file.  As it took slightly over a minute to scan a file and it was continuing to take very long which each individual file.

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          Greetings theflyingmonkey!


               Until one of our distinguished moderators and other experienced forum members can review your post, could you please provide the following information so that they may better assist you?


          - Your computer's operating system

          - Name of any other security software you are using (besides McAfee)

          - What is the average size of your files on the external HD

          - When scanning your main hard drive, does McAfee take as long to scan the files on it?


          Thank you!


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            - Well my OS is Vista

            - I am not using anything else

            - The average size I would have to say is about 300 MB

            - When scanning my computer actually drive, no it doesn't take long.


            As an experiment I select a folder with 22 items in it, the total size of the folder was 4.8 GB.  On the external Hard Drive it took about 3 minutes to scan 3 items, when I moved/copied that folder to my computer, the scan was done in less than 10 seconds.

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              Thank you for providing the information!


              One additional question...is the file that McAfee is freezing on a zipped file?

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                No, there is no zipped file in that folder.

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                  Hi again theflyingmonkey!


                        I have pasted below a link to another post in the forums here which another member made back in June.  The poster had a similar problem as yours and there were quite a few responses from our forum members & moderators.  Please look through the post and responses, as there are a number of helpful suggestions there.  I will make a post in the forums and see if I can get a moderator to review your post here, since no one has as yet.


                  Please let me know if anything recommended in the other post was helpful to you!



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                    VirusScan may not be able to unpack that file for one reason or another. 


                    It could be corrupted or contain something that VirusScan isn't sure about infection-wise, or your hard drive could contain read errors.  It can also happen if the drive is compressed.


                    Do a disk check on it.  Go to Start and type cmd on the Search box.  In the space above cmd.exe will appear.   Right-click it and select 'Run as Administrator'.


                    In the command prompt window type in chkdsk X: /r (WITH the spaces and alter X to whatever disk letter applies to that drive) and hit Enter.   It may take a while depending on the size of the drive.


                    I recommend you contact Technical Support Online Chat via Useful Links at the top of this page.






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                      But, I was able to copy the folder to my computer from the external hard drive and the scan proceeded normal.  But the same folder on the External Hard Drive takes forever and the external hard drive is spinning as the light is flashing.

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                        The data transfer speed differs between the USB 2.0 and SATA interface . For usb 2.0 the speed is 480 Mbps, where else in SATA Internal HDD will be 3.0 Gbps or 6.0 Gbps operation. Offcourse you will have the scan time increased when you scan External Drive when compared to the Internal Hard drive. When scanning large files it will take time to complete the scanning operations but it should not take too long.



                        Raja Gopalan S

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                          I understand, but I could swear that when my Security Center was 11.0.570 I was able to scan the entire external hard drive in 3 minutes.  But now that it is 11.0.572 it takes longer than 3 minutes to scan 3 items.