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    Authenticated FTP over HTTP

      I have been working on a problem in MWG (10666) with accessing files on a non-anonymous FTP site using Internet Explorer.  The problem can be reproduced by entering ftp://user:pass@site.com/pass@site.com/ in IE.  You get a directory listing, just like on an anonymous site, except if you try to click on a file to download it, you get "Internet Explorer cannot display the web page".  Looking at tcpdump, MWG is trying to redirect to a Progress Page, which appears to be correct because I can take the redirect URL and connect to it in Firefox, and download the file.  However, if I paste that URL in IE, I get "Windows cannot find 'http://user:pass@site.com/mwg-internalpass@site.com/mwg-internal...' ".


      Are others experiencing the same behaviour?  I have tested it with IE 7 and IE 9 and both seem to have the same issue.


      For now, I have disabled progress pages by adding 'AND URL does not match regex(^ftp://[^@/]+@[^/]+/.*)' to the Enable Progress Page rule but I would prefer to have the progress pages enabled since data trickling confuses people.


      Thanks for any help you can provide.


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          Tested on IE and Firefox. The result is, that both browser react differently on the 307 response sent by the proxy to redirect back to the download/progress pages. Firefox happily logs in again and shows the download, whereas IE just gives up. I assume it 'detects' that 307 is not a real FTP header, whereas we are talking ftp over http and therefore http responses should be valid and properly interpreted. It just seems that IE doesn't know how react up this code and stops trying. A workaround can be to limit progress pages to all browser but IE + FTP. An indication of IE as part of the user-agent is usually MSIE ?.0, whereas ? is the brwoser version.




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            Thanks for looking into this, Michael.  You've confirmed that disabling Progress Pages for FTP over HTTP is the best way to go.  The only approved browser in our environment is IE, and only a few web developers use Firefox so I won't bother with the browser check.