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    Dat out of date

      Good morning,


      I am curious what the next step is to reconcile an out of date dat file for McAfee Total Protection.  I have used MVT and it states that it is unable to fix the problem; however under the home page all of the options are green and up to date.   It seems to be conflicting.  Do i just ignore the issue......


      Under the About section it states that the Dat creaqtion date is 8/11/2011 and the VirusScan was last updated 8/12/11.  The Dat version is 6435 and the boot dat version is 6432 with a creation date of 8/8/2011. 


      Thanks in advance

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          When MVT has completed and is unable to repair, you are prompted to contact Technical Support Chat who should be able to resolve the issue for you.

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            DAT's take time to reach all the world's servers so often you will find that you are 1 behind.  That will be rectified in due course.  The boot DAT is perhaps misleading in that it appears old, but that is simply the DAT used at first boot prior to the SecurityCenter initializing.


            Mine is 6435 so disregard MVT for now.  Uninstall it as it never updates itself and has to be downloaded and installed again when needed.



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