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    Risk Advisor 2.6.1 - Application Inventory Questions/Rollout

      We are currently rolling out Risk Advisor 2.6.1 and I have been in contact with my sales rep on this issue and he has been of some help.  We have progressed to where we are stuck with the following questions pending an e-mail response back from some of the sales engineers.  I have not heard back from them in the meantime could anyone answer the following questions for us as we would like to get risk advisor rolled out in the coming weeks.


      We are concerned with the impact rolling out the Application Inventory piece of Risk Advisor 2.6.1 to all machines may have on the network bandwidth and workstation resources.  We really don't know how this will effect our bandwidth usage regarding ePO and also CPU utilization of the workstations while the Application Inventory is taking inventory on the systems.  Also, we are not seeing a way to only push this piece of risk advisor out to a small test bed of machines and then expand this once our tests have been ran.  From what we have seen up to this point the only way to roll out the App Inventory piece is to our entire managed systems hierarchy.  The Application Inventory Install client task which we created doesn't seem to even acknowledge that we would only like to push it out to one small subset in our hierarchy but instead ignores our inheritance break and also is not just sending to machines with a special tag we created to attempt to only install to the machines we specifically tagged.  However, what it does is begin to roll out to ALL managed systems regardless of our restrictions on this client task, so we have had to stop it immediately.


      Could someone please give us some further information on this so we can get this rolled out as the combination of the application inventory and MVM data is what is going to make risk advisor useful to us upon roll out to all of our managed machines.  Any further documentation on the Application Inventory piece of Risk Advisor 2.6.1 would be much appreciated, or even a contact name where we can obtain more information on this...