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    Network Map - Laptop on network appearing offline

      Apologies if this is a known issue - I've been looking at older discussions but cannot see what I'm looking for.


      I have a home PC (Windows 7 home) and a laptop (also Windows 7 home) connected to a NetGear wireless router.


      Both can access the internet and both have McAfee SecurityCenter installed - Version 11, Build 11.0.572.


      I have already setup trust with the network (i.e. router) on both machines.


      I am trying to establish trust between the machines so I can create a HomeGroup and share the printer attached to the PC.


      However, whenever I go into the Network Map screen (on either machine), I can see the other machine but it always appears 'Offline'.


      How can I make both machines see each other online? What am I doing wrong?


      Any assistance would be great - I've spent way too much time setting this up already.




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          First try removing the PC from the map and let it be redetected when it connects.


          Does leaving it a while detect it?


          I assume both PCs in same workgroup?  Have you got windows networking set up correctly ie as a home network?

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            Hi Peacekeeper.


            I removed the PC from the map. It appeared the next day, but with a new IP address.


            I have tried to setup trust with it. However, between the home PC and the notebook, the 'ONLINE' status does not last long enough to setup trust. It too readily goes back to OFFLINE before I have a chance to complete the process.


            I am starting to point the finger at the wireless router. Am I correct in thinking that in order to maintain trust, the machines must have a consistent MAC address and IP address?

            I have tried to set it up so my PC and notebook give a static IP. I did this by mapping the IP address to the MAC address.


            I'm still a noob when it comes to networking - even just a home network!

            How often are MAC addresses assigned? Is this the issue?


            Whenenver the machines do appear in the list, they have around about 3 MAC addresses listed.


            On your other questions:


            Both are in the same workgroup and are both a Home network.




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              I though mac address dependent on the network card they should not change. Mine have 1 mac address though I have only 1 netwok card in it.


              Ip address I assume you have assign DHCP as auto. I use a static address that way the ip is the same every boot.


              This version has a bug where ip shows in reverse ie instead of Swings back and forth between correct and not so.


              See if static Ip helps