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    "not in the repository:  BOCVSE__1000"

      From AutoUpdate log:

      "Updates were not applied because packages were not in the repository: BOCVSE__1000."

      I get this in some-but not all-of my clients. I can not find "BOCVSE__1000" in the clients that do not show this error. Has anyone seen this ? Thanks.
        • 1. BOCVSE_1000 Solution
          These messages will appear as a result of the configuration of Autoupdate. In McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0i Autoupdate Configuration, under Update Options, you can specify which updates you want to check for:

          Get newer detection definition files if available.
          Get newer detection engines if available.
          Get other available updates (service packs, upgrade, etc.).

          Default configuration is that ALL items are selected. If one of these selections is removed the above messages will appear and point out exactly what the update process will look for during update and what it failed to apply because the updates were not available in repository - it will list these components at the end of the message.

          Only had "definition files" checked in configuration.