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    epo 4.0.0 (build 1333) failed to save event files.

      My events are being updated.  The event table is small and some of the dates are far in the future (like 6025).  I believe I've narrowed the errors down to something in the server.log.


      EPOServer received event from XXXXXXXXXX.

      EPOServer failed to save event files.

      mod_epo failed to process agent request.


      This happens for every computer.


      The ePO administrator retired recently and I am now charged with administering the server.  I will be getting training in a few weeks.


      If anyone knows what I might be able to do to fix this, I'd appreciate it.


      Edmund C. Greene

      Systems Integrator

      Boston College


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          As usual, I had a problem and diagnosed it myself and then presented the misdiagnosis to the support people.


          The errors I mentioned above are because we don't install ePO on our servers, but VirusScan still attempts to report the events back to the server.  Without ePO it doesn't work.


          But that wasn't the actual problem.  The actual problem was that the EPOEvents table in the database was not updating.  I could trace the point at which the updating stopped to the time when the physical computer was converted to a VMware Virtual Machine.  That didn't really help.  With the help of McAfee support we determined that the Events directory (in program files\ePO\DB\Events) was actually a file and not a directory.  Once I deleted the file and created it again as a directory, the events came streaming in.

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            Thank you for update Ed.